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Go: Overview of the Compiler ️ This article is based on Go 1.13. by Vincent Blanchon A Journey With Go

The only outside package we need is gocc, which will help build the lexer and parser. Two common components that our language is missing are classes and arrays. These add additional complications we don’t have time for right now. If it turns out that people really want to know how to handle these elements I’ll write a followup. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy. Organize your programs with tags and easily find them later on with multi-language search.

go compiler

Mechanism that avoids the usual try-catch control structure was proposed and released in the March 30, 2010 snapshot. The Go authors advise using it for unrecoverable errors such as those that should halt an entire program or server request, or as a shortcut to propagate errors up the stack within a package. Across package boundaries, Go includes a canonical error type, and multi-value returns using this type are the standard idiom. From these tools one can build concurrent constructs like worker pools, pipelines , background calls with timeout, “fan-out” parallel calls to a set of services, and others.

Online Golang Compiler (Go v1.8.

Go is widely used in production at Google and in many other organizations and open-source projects. A third-party source-to-source compiler, GopherJS, compiles Go to JavaScript for front-end web development. Google’s self-hosting “gc” compiler toolchain, targeting multiple operating systems and WebAssembly. If your program is reading input from standard input and you forgot to provide input via stdin.

go compiler

You can use this feature to share your Golang Code with your teachers, classmates and colleagues. Just click Share Button and it will create a short link, which can be shared through Email, WhatsApp or even through Social Media. A shared link will be deleted if it has been passive for almost 3 months. You can save your Golang Project with us so that you can access this project later on. To save a project you will need to create a login Id with us.

Chapter 2. The Go compiler

The difficulty of building the static type checker will be strongly influenced by our grammar design. Let’s wrap things up by defining our parameter insertion. When defining a function we need to label the argument types in the signature while a called function can accept any amount of Expressions. Every language has built in keywords that are reserved words that deliver special functionality. But, how will the lexer know whether a string is a keyword or a user created identifier? It handles this be giving preference to the order in which tokens are defined.

Statement can be used to implement non-blocking communication on multiple channels; see below for an example. Go has a memory model describing how goroutines must use channels or other operations to safely share data. Interface values are implemented using pointer to data and a second pointer to run-time type information. Like some other types implemented using pointers in Go, interface values are nil if uninitialized. Function is a sub-routine which contains set of statements.

In our AST test we will construct what our final result should look like. Illustration created for “A Journey With Go”, made from the original Go Gopher, created by Renee French.ℹ️ This article is based on Go 1.13. See for addresses and documentation of some packages.

Does Golang have a future?

So, yes, surely Golang is worth learning in 2022 and further. Learning Golang or Gol Programming language can boost your career and also help you to get a job at Google, which is the dream of numerous software inventors.

While I chose to compile into C++, you can substitute in any language . The main purpose of this Go Compiler Guide was to enable you to be able to understand the pieces well enough to go out and create your own. Block Statements are the only statement in which we return a type in order to handle the case when it is inside a function. If there is a Return Statement inside the Block Statement its type is returned. The rest of environment.go are basic getters and setters that handle identifiers and functions. As you can see, most of our code is checking and casting our input type.

InfluencedCrystalGo is a statically typed, compiled high-level programming language designed at Google by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson. It is syntactically similar to C, but with memory safety, garbage collection, structural typing, and CSP-style concurrency. It is often referred to as Golang because of its former domain name,, but its proper name is Go. Go is a statically typed, compiled programming language designed at Google.

How to write a compiler in Go: a quick guide

Go is designed to support scalability, with goroutines and channels to raise concurrency to true parallel programming. Environment.go will contain all of our helper functions that will be used by our checker and code generator to access and manipulate our set of variables and corresponding types. Our environment is simple so this will be straight forward. These hooks will then be called by the parser in grammar.bnf.

Does Go use C library?

Go allows linking against C libraries or pasting in in-line code. In this demo, both will be shown in the familiar ‘Hello World’ format.

Language FAQ “Why are there no untagged unions…? would violate Go’s memory safety guarantees.” Go’s nil combined with the lack of algebraic types leads to difficulty handling failures and base cases. Consul, a software for DNS-based service discovery and providing distributed Key-value storage, segmentation and configuration. The net/http package provides support for creating web applications.


Because conformance to a Go interface is checked statically by the Go compiler , the Go authors prefer the term structural typing. File semantics in Go standard library are heavily based on POSIX semantics, and they do not map well to the Windows platform. Note that this problem is not particular to Go, but other programming languages have solved it through well defined standard libraries.

What language is Go runtime written in?

Save this question. Show activity on this post. I read that from Go 1.4, the Go runtime is written in Go itself (rather than in C).

Well, it’s a bunch of Statements in which each Statement can contain a set of Statements and/or Expressions. The notation that we’ll be using is BNF (Backus–Naur form). Don’t confuse this with EBNF (extended Backus–Naur form) or ABNF (augmented Backus–Naur form) which have some added features. Keep this in mind when looking at other examples online that could be using other forms which provide more syntactic sugar. To identify the pieces of the program we will be using regular expressions. Gocc will then convert these regular expressions into a DFA which can theoretically run in linear time.

So before you save a project, please create a login Id using a link given at the top right corner of this page. When ever you want to perform a set of operations based on a condition or set of conditions then If or IF-ELSE Deep Links in Android: Getting Started or Nested If-Elif-Else are used. Variable is a name given to the storage area in order to manipulate them in our programs. Explore a wealth of learning resources, including guided journeys, courses, books, and more.

  • You can install already compiled Go projects to use their executable files and libraries in further Go projects.
  • It might make our generated code look bloated, but it will solve for any nested expressions.
  • Because conformance to a Go interface is checked statically by the Go compiler , the Go authors prefer the term structural typing.
  • Go is a humanist sans-serif resembling Lucida Grande, and Go Mono is monospaced.
  • The best way to understand an abstract syntax tree is in relation to a parse tree which is what we generated in the last post.
  • Both Go and Go Mono adhere to the DIN 1450 standard by having a slashed zero, lowercase l with a tail, and an uppercase I with serifs.

Go is syntactically similar to C, but with memory safety, garbage collection, structural typing and CSP-style concurrency. Interfaces are a class of types and provide a limited form of structural typing in the otherwise nominal type system of Go. An object which is of an interface type is also of another type, much like C++ objects being simultaneously of a base and derived class. Go interfaces were designed after protocols from the Smalltalk programming language. Multiple sources use the term duck typing when describing Go interfaces. Although the term duck typing is not precisely defined and therefore not wrong, it usually implies that type conformance is not statically checked.

go compiler

The Go compiler creates an executable binary file as a result of compiling. Complete the following steps to execute this file and run your program. We’re not going to do anything too crazy with our error handling because I want to save on lines of code. However, if you feel so inclined you can add more descriptive and useful errors.

Usually functions are written when multiple calls are required to same set of statements which increases re-usuability and modularity. With fast build times, lean syntax, an automatic formatter and doc generator, Go is built to support both DevOps and SRE. Go combines the best features of other programming language into one easy-to-understand language. We’re now going to combine our lexer, parser, AST generator, type checker, and code generator into a final runnable program, main.go. The main difference is that we’ll be passing down a buffer to store the generated code.

Now let’s start building our Statement structs based off of the Statement and Node interfaces. Building the Parser is similar to how we built the Lexer. We will construct a set of element sequences that when correctly match a stream of tokens produce a grammar. This will also run in linear time by internally converting our NFA (Non-Deterministic Automaton) grammar to DFA . The inspiration for this came out of a compilers course I took this past Fall and my love for Go.

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